Spring 2019 Sign-Ups


Look below for registration info for your age group

As of Fall 2017, the State has made Lindsay's Law Official
Please follow the link below for information about the Law and the video to go with it

Forms can be mailed to
P.O. Box 142
Barberton,OH 44203

*Mark Your Calendar*
In house sign ups will be
Thursday Feb 14th from 6:30-8
Saturday Feb 23th from 8-10
Saturday Mar 2nd from 9-11
(At parks and rec)
GAASA info further down page

Instructional  Ages 3 and 4
If your child was born in 2014 or 2015 they would play instructional
*No Uniform

Shinguards are required, cleats are optional and a size 3 ball.
    • Registration Fee $40.00
DD  Ages 5, 6, and 7
If your child was born in 2011, 2012, or 2013 they would play DD

    • Registration Fee $55.00
    • Uniform Fee $20.00 *Two Shirts (Purple/Yellow)
        • Uniform only required if you do not have the two uniform set.
    • Shinguards are required, cleats required and a a size 4 ball.
GAASA (8 – 13 Years of Age)
If your child was born in 2010 or earlier they would play GAASA

Spring Registration 2019
is open

*If your child’s birthday is in 2010 or earlier the player must play GAASA (no exceptions)
  • Registration Fee $80.00 ($70.00 BYSA registration + $10.00 City of Barberton field usage fee.)
  • Uniform Fee $55.00 (Reminder: There is no sharing of uniforms.  You must have BYSA permission in writing prior to completing your registration, to ensure another person does not already have the same number.)
    • Uniform only required if you are new to Barberton Soccer GAASA level play or new to BYSA.
  • Late Fee $25. 00 Effective:  July 1st, 2018 *Players will be accepted past this date based on team and coaching availability.
GAASA Registrations MUST Have:
  • 4"x 6" or larger current COLOR head shot photo of player 
  • Registration Fee
  • Uniform Fee, if applicable
  • Birth Certificate for new or first-time GAASA level players.
Miscellaneous Information

  • Registering Does Not Guarantee A Team Position
  • Refund Policy: No refunds will be given after BYSA has paid out any monies for player to GAASA and/or City of Barberton or after GAASA player registration date, whichever comes first.  
  • Refusal of Registration: BYSA has the right to refuse any registration submitted if you incorrectly use a promo code, if you use a code you have not been authorized to use or not entitled, you will be required to pay the balance still owed or your registration will be refused and you will need to register again.  No registration is complete until all payments have been made in full.  *Any late fees incurred will be at the expense of the person completing the online registration.  
  • Visa, MasterCard and Discover processing fee is 2.5% + $2.00 per transaction. 
   If you are having problems registering please go to the Help link at the top of the page. If you still have unanswered questions you may also call Tech Support at 1.855.980.2886
Dan Haynes
Email: danielrhaynes@gmail.com