High School Alumni
There are two points of interest pertaining to Barberton Youth Soccer.  Recently, Barberton High School decided to leave the Suburban League.  In the March 5th edition of the Barberton Herald, Barberton Athletic Director Jay Glaze said the following:

“it wasn’t about being competitive for us, at least at the administrative level.  Of course, there are the coaches who like to win, but I believe we could be competitive in the Suburban League in a couple of years with the right people in place, and I think we have that now, especially in sports like soccer where a strong youth program is being built.”

I feel Mr. Glaze’s statement speaks volumes to the commitment shown to the youth of Barberton by people like Susy Lopez, Scott Kelley and the many other coaches, Board members and volunteers involved in Barberton Youth Soccer.  I have been to many soccer games at all age levels.  And while the Barberton team hasn’t always come out on top on the scoreboard, I have never, ever seen a Barberton soccer team outclassed on the field.  Our Spring Registration was so successful for the travel teams that we have grown from the 9 teams that we fielded in the Fall, to having eleven teams for the Spring season.

    Secondly, we continue to work towards our soccer complex at Newton Park.  Recently another Board member, Ric Wiley and I met with Parks director Andy Wildman and the architecture firm that we have been working with.  We have had preliminary discussions or using the $100,000 grant from the State to tear down the baseball backstops, benches and dugouts (which are in poor condition), as well as the existing restrooms (which is in even worse condition.)  We would like to then build a new structure that would contain restrooms, concession/storage area and pavilion.  We would then add to our field space where the baseball diamonds used to be.  We feel this would be the best use of the money for immediate impact to improve the space for Barberton soccer and to improve the aesthetics of the park for all those that live in Barberton.  Our next step is to gain approval of the Parks Commission for our plans.

    Please remember that the Barberton Youth Soccer Association is strictly a volunteer organization.  We are always looking for and happy to have folks join us in a variety of activities.  If you are interested (or know of someone) in helping during training sessions, coaching, field maintenance, uniforms or a variety of other duties, please feel free to contact Renee Richards @ rrichards32@neo.rr.com